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Tuesday Digestif: Weekly Perengo Newsletter on Labor Policy & HR Management


today a quick run through:

  • Amazon’s plans to further build out downtown Seattle
  • More reading on the gender pay gap
  • Models of alternative work schedules

Seattle = Amazon?

Bloomberg covers how Amazon is planning to further it’s corporate presence in downtown Seattle:

  • Vast arrays of office space
  • ‘Nature cubes’ to keep employees in touch with nature

Over the course of the next ten years Amazon plans to double its headcount in Seattle by 50,000 additional employees.

Prime Real Estate: Amazon Has Swallowed Downtown Seattle
Prime Real Estate: Amazon Has Swallowed Downtown Seattle

Gender Pay Gap – A Long Way to Go

Pay Gap Widens At Age 32 (URL) – A study showed that pay gaps start widening after age 32.


  • Childcare demands of women between 25 and 40
  • Relative absence of women in managerial roles (‘manager divide’)further skews the results

118 Years to Go (URL) – According to a global Mercer research women in the workforce are still more than a century away from closing the gender pay gap.

2 tactics to improve the current picture:

  • Better pipelines – PromotingΒ female talent in corporate workforce
  • Better access to capital – Increasing financing opportunities for SMB-type businesses in the developing world.

Worth Reading – A Case for Shorter Workweeks

32 Hour Workweek (URL) – Oldie but goldie: Jason Fried (Founder & CEO at 37Signals) on an alternative work schedule.

Currently his company offers a ‘summer schedule’ to its employees: 4 days x 8 hours.

The company might experiment with even more: Paying employees to get min. 8 hours of sleep per night.

5 Hour Workday (URL) – An argument for 5 hours in the office:

  • It makes more sense with the type of work we do today
  • 5-hour-days make businesses more productive and profitable
  • Increases employee happiness, health, and productivity
  • Easier to attract top talent
  • Easy to test at companies

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