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  • How to manage a team full of high-flyers
  • Biggest financial worries of U.S. employees
  • Why a billionaire drives passengers for Uber

Cover Story – Teams Are Not Cocktail Parties

Kellog Insight at Northwestern University has provided a to-do list for successful team management:

  1. Don’t invite everyone – Managing team size is key when ensuring the effectiveness of a team
  2. Structure helps – Ruleless is not always best to foster creativity. Constraints start valuable and focused thinking processes.
  3. Focus on areas of improvement – The research group has shown that emphasizing the worst performances and how to fix them can achieve better long-term results within teams.
  4. Don’t waste time – Cut unnecessary meetings.
  5. Maintain a health feedback culture – Even if teams get along very well manage the team to be open and direct about constructive feedback.

Read the full report here.

Five Strategies for Leading a High-Impact Team
Five Strategies for Leading a High-Impact Team

This Week’s Finest – Your Employees

Biggest Financial Vulnerabilities of Employees (URL) – A recent survey has shown that the following factors cause the biggest stress for U.S. employees:

  1. 58%: Not saving enough for retirement
  2. 51%: Don’t have an emergency fund
  3. 34%: Living beyond their means
  4. 33%: Have serious debt

Food for thought on how employers can support their workforce.

Automation Makes Human Labor More Valuable (URL) – Labor-intensive jobs are the future of the U.S. economy.

Fastest growing occupations (growth rates 2014 – 2024):

  • Wind turbine service technician (108%)
  • Occupational therapy assistants (43%)
  • Statisticians (34%)
  • Genetic counselors (29%)

Worth Reading – Billionaire Behind the Wheel

LinkedIn Founder Predicts Impact of A.I. onto Work (URL) – Expected improvements:

  1. Faster onboarding – Knowledge graph tells a new employee everything he/she has to know on day 1.
  2. More efficient workflow – A.I. will be able to more effectively plan projects and assign work.
  3. Objective performance reviews – Moneyball is coming to the office.

Billionaire Founder Driving for Uber (URL) – Kayak founder Paul English drives passengers for Uber to figure out how workforce rating/motivation works.

His newest company Lola will depend on human service agents.

This is an example of customer development done right.

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