Tuesday Digestif (26/2016): Brexit and the U.S. labor market πŸ“ŠπŸ’”πŸ’­

Tuesday Digestif: Weekly Perengo Newsletter on Labor Policy & HR Management

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  • Britain has voted to leave the European Union and how it will impact the U.S. labor market
  • U.S. Military’s innovative approach to recruiting leaders
  • How top leaders are scaling different parts of their organization

Brexit Expected to Impact U.S. Labor Market

Last week the U.K. has voted to leave the European Union.

This has happened since the referendum:

  • U.S. Dollar (USD) has gotten stronger on the financial markets
  • British Pound (GBP) and the Euro (EUR) have lost in value relative to the U.S. currency

As a result the U.S. economy is expected to find it more difficult to export goods to the Euro zone and its growth might slow down.

Time will tell how hard this will hit the U.S. labor market.

CNN money has more.

How Brexit impacts the U.S. economy
How Brexit impacts the U.S. economy

This Week’s Finest – Military and Minorities

Force of the FutureΒ (URL) – How the U.S. military wants to experiment with hiring civilians for leadership positions.

The goal:
Creating an organization that allows for ‘permeability’ between active-duty and the civilian sector.

Non-Profit to Push Minorities into Tech (URL) – Code2040 set out to address Silicon Valley’s diversity problem through facilitating technical internships for minority students.

Worth Reading – Scaling Organizations

Scaling Offices (URL) – Slack published its workspace manifesto.

Scaling Executive Teams (URL) – Investor Brad Feld gives practical advice how to evaluate and recruit the right executive for a company’s growth stage:

Look for a candidate that has been in a similar position in a companies ranging from -50% to +200% of your size.

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