Tuesday Digestif (23/2016): Troubles Recruiting? Just Move your HQ πŸ’πŸŒ†πŸ—Ό

Tuesday Digestif: Weekly Perengo Newsletter on Labor Policy & HR Management


today we cater the following:

  1. Trend analysis on declining youth employment
  2. Moving your HQ might help you to attract top talent
  3. All things robots

Youth Employment Declining Fast

The cohort of U.S. citizens aged 16-19 have experienced the strongest decline in employment rates in recent years.

Main reasons for this trend:

  • Some voluntarily withdraw from labor market to focus on academics
  • Some would like to find a job but can’t
  • Some are alienated altogether from the school and labor market (due to their demographics)

Read the full Brookings report here.

Decoding declines in youth employment
Decoding declines in youth employment

This Week’s Finest

Moving Headquarters to Attract Talent (URL) – WSJ interviews Expedia’s CFO on its HQ migration to Seattle.

It is a measure to counter its biggest bottleneck: hiring top-notch talent.

A Large U.S. Pension Fund Is Running Out of CashΒ (URL) – Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp., which hosts 10 million people on their multi-employer plans, is heading for an implosion.

It is likely to turn to a federal insurance program for the required liquidity.

Worth Reading: On Robots

Robots Taking Manufacturing Jobs at Scale (URL) – A journalistic account of how Chinese high-tech manufacturers are replacing large parts of their workforce with smart machines.

Apple supplier Foxconn has replaced 50,000 workers over the past years.

Managing Robots (URL) – Fleet coordination used to be a complex managerial task at cab companies. Uber uses an algorithmic dispatcher to effectively and efficiently deal with the task at hand.

Tim O’Reilly writes about possible implications of ‘managers having to manage robots’.

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