Tuesday Digestif (34/2016): Monster’s Largest Shareholder Does Not Want to Sell 👿😮

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  • Google’s machine takeover strategy
  • Why Monster’s largest shareholder is blocking the sale to Randstad
  • On meeting types and productivity

Google Is Building an Army of Coders

Google’s goal: becoming a company that’s driven by machine-learning.

This long read gives an insight how one of the largest tech companies is up-skilling their white labor workforce for a new technological paradigm.

How Google is Remaking itself as a Machine-Learning-First Company
How Google is Remaking itself as a Machine-Learning-First Company

This Week’s Finest – Exit Strategies & Minimum Wage

Monster Sale Challenged by Owners (URL) – “As Monster’s largest shareholder based on publicly available information, MNG believes the $3.40 per share deal would represent the textbook definition of ‘selling at the bottom’”.

That’s talking about a price tag of: $429,000,000

JP Morgan Wage Hike not Worth Celebrating (URL) – How a low unemployment rate of 4.9% forces large corporates to up their minimum wages. And what it means in practice.

Worth Reading

Define Your Meeting Type Beforehand (URL) – Lead more productive meetings through aligning the team with the desired outcome:

  • Decision making
  • Information sharing
  • Brainstorming

7 Mobile Apps for Effective Recruiters (URL) – 7 suggestions curated by Recruiting Headlines.

Which are your essential apps?

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