Tuesday Digestif (42/2015): Spotlight on ‘Diversified Workers’ and Labor Policy News

Tuesday Digestif: Weekly Perengo Newsletter on Labor Policy & HR Management

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Cover Story

This week we looked at labor policy implications of the gig-economy.

The current government is already leaning in and for the next term we can expect significant changes and reforms in regards to worker’s security.

Learn more about our predictions.

Diversified Workers: A topic for the presidential campaign and beyond
Diversified Workers: A topic for the presidential campaign and beyond

This Week’s Finest

‘Take a Vacation. Please.’ (url) – NY-based company Kickstarter replaced its uncapped vacation policy with an annual 25 days of PTO.
The reason: employees have been unclear about the policy and took less vacation. Research shows this company is not a unique case.

‘2016 Will Be a Good Year to Repay Student Debt’ (url) – the outlook for 2016 suggests that 39% of SMBs will be bullish to hire college degree holders.
This is partly driven by increasing concerns over employee turnover.

Worth Reading

Selfies Are not a CV Replacement (url) – a recent survey has shown a negative selfie bias and other things as to ‘how HR professionals use social media in the recruiting process’.

Wage Wars: Which Presidential Candidates Want to Push the Minimum Wage Floor? (url) – these candidates try to win over votes by suggesting federal hourly minimum wages of $15 by 2020.

How You Get Told: ‘You Are not a Leader.’ (url) – CPI-260 a much-discussed personality test can evaluate a candidate’s managerial aptitude.

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