Tuesday Digestif (43/2015): Labor Statistics and its Little Secret

Tuesday Digestif: Weekly Perengo Newsletter on Labor Policy & HR Management

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Oops he did it again.

Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders lied about the labor market.

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Labor Statistics and its Little Secret
Labor Statistics and its Little Secret

This Week’s Finest

‘Like Uber for Janitors, but with Benefits’ (url) – In anticipation of regulatory change, companies like Managed by Q, Shyp, and Alfred shift their workforce from 1099 to W-2 status.

On the other hand Uber and Lyft are fighting for the 1099 classification and other companies experimenting with W-2 status shut down.

Time will tell if the gig-economy business model can support a large W-2 workforce.

Getting Rid of Tips for 50,000 Meals per Week (url) –  Union Square Hospitality Group is slowly shifting from ‘tipping’ to a system of ‘included service charges’.

CEO Danny Meyers says this will allow for a competitive salary ($15.25) of their kitchen staff – especially in regard to New York state’s $15 minimum wage for fast-food workers.

Despite considerable tax credit losses the math works for the restaurant group.

Federal Minimum Wage of $15 Might Be Dangerous (url) – Economist Alan Krueger argues that an increase to $12 of the next 7 years is reasonable.

Yet a nationwide increase to $15 might result in counterproductive job losses as some local economies won’t be able to support it.

In short: California yay, Mississippi nay.

Worth Reading: On Creative Hiring

Too Soon? (url) – Not-so-new Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey let go of 336 employees during further ‘restructuring of the workforce’.

A startup called Pillow rose to the occasion and offered jobs to the laid-off engineers – via promoted tweets.

Fishing for Talent in its Natural Habitat. (url) – Competition for talent is more fierce than ever.

Ad Agency Deutsch recruited millennials via Instagram and Reddit.

Learning: Pedigree and schooling is not everything. Hire for skill, fit, and potential.

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