Tuesday Digestif (44/2015): 40-hour Workweek Is an Outdated Concept

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Cover Story

Research shows that U.S. citizens are working more than ever.

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40-hour workweek: ‘a fairytale’?
40-hour workweek: ‘a fairytale’?

This Week’s Finest

Future of Local Regulation of ‘Sharing Economy’ (url) – Gig-economy is here to stay.

Companies are taking over important aspects of core infrastructure (transportation, product/service logistics, etc.).

Research suggests we will see local governments:

  • subsidizing companies
  • using them as societal redistribution tool and
  • contracting gig-economy companies to provide typical governmental services

7 Factors to Measure & Predict Quality Hires (url) – Lou Adler gives a summary of his 7 factor framework and which steps are needed to test a candidate.

30% of Jobs Held by Self-Employed and Their Employees (url) – Despite a downward trend in self-employment, entrepreneurs still account for 10% of the U.S. workforce.

20% of workers are hired by the self-employed.

Worth Reading – ‘CEO Issue’

Bank CEO: ‘We Before Me’ (url) – Peter Aceto rethinks what corporate culture can mean in a bank.

His big idea: Bringing top management closer its employees and gain their trust.

No executive parking.
CEO taking customer service calls.
Firing ‘bad’ customers.

Twitter CEO Giving Back 1% of Equity (url) – After laying off 8% of the company’s workforce, Jack Dorsey announced to give back a third of his private shares in Twitter.

The equity – worth $200m – will be ‘reinvested directly into our people’ to boost morale.

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