Tuesday Digestif (47/2015): Escaping the Superstar Syndrome

Tuesday Digestif: Weekly Perengo Newsletter on Labor Policy & HR Management


this week we look at (1) how to build performing teams that not only consist of superstars (2) how the Republican debate quotes labor market statistics and (3)why shutting down the free snack bar is a recipe for disaster.

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Cover Story

Tim O’Rilley argues that all types of companies will have to shift their modus operandi.

In the coming years it will be more important to think about talent beyond the superstars (employees w/ 10x productivity).

Setup of teams will be about finding people’s strengths, matching them with opportunity, and providing tools for easier collaboration.

Read the full story here.

Tuesday Digestif: Escaping the superstar syndrome
Tuesday Digestif: Escaping the superstar syndrome

This Week’s Finest

GOP Debate: “Real Unemployment Rate Closer to 40%” (url) – Presidential candidates distinguish between unemployment rate and labor force participation.

Last week we wrote about the differences and the current state of affairs.

Labor Market Snapshot [September] (url) – Job openings rose to 5.53 million while hiring slipped to 5.05 million.

Furthermore, 2.72 million people quit their jobs resulting in 1.43 ‘unemployed’ people for every job opening.

Worth Reading – Acquisition & Retention:

Hiring ‘Employee No.1’ (url) – Daniel Portillo (Talent Partner at Greylock) talks about methods of how to find the first employee.

For an early stage startup, no one is disqualified for specific reasons such as lack of experience or education.

Instead usually he looks for ‘exceptional qualifiers’.

Don’t Cut Your Free Snack Bar (url) – Bottomline: once a workplace gets hooked on free snacks it really can’t go back.

Studies have shown that snack runs (when people need to leave their work place to get food/snacks) account on average for 2.4 hours of productivity loss.

So think twice before you decide to empty the kitchen.

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