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Tuesday Digestif: Weekly Perengo Newsletter on Labor Policy & HR Management

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for the week of Thanksgiving we promise to keep it short.

(1) Cover – Why managers have no idea how to hire low-skilled employees
(2) This week – Parental leave seems to be the next big thing in benefit policies
(3) Leadership – the only 2 things a manager has to do

And most importantly, we wish you a great Thanksgiving!
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Cover Story

Managers hiring for low-skilled positions have no idea how to evaluate applicants, and it is a systemic problem.

We looked at the unusual causes and suggest some possible solutions.

Full article here.

The labor market is a black box: A place where education gets confounded with certification
The labor market is a black box:
A place where education gets confounded with certification

This Week’s Finest

Now Is the Time to Have Kids (url) – Parental leave is a trending topic among larger technology companies.

Spotify – among others (e.g. Amazon; Netflix) – announced that it would offer a paid 6-month parental leave to all of its employees.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is also sending a strong signal as he announced to go on a 2-month paternity leave shortly.

Machines Recruit Better Than Humans (url) – researchers ran a test and the result is surprising to say the least.

Sample: 300,000 candidates in low-skill service-sector jobs.

Result: Candidates that have been tested and recommended by an algorithm stayed longer in the jobs than their ‘hand-selected’ peers.

That’s a big deal considering that these positions usually experience high-turnover.

Worth Reading – Leadership Issue

2 Things (url) – Andy Grove’s management book classic ‘High Output Management’ has a new foreword.

Lesson learned: A manager has two jobs: (1) train employees and/or (2) motivate employees.

That’s it.

Freelance Executives (url) – The labor landscape is changing. Even for senior executives.

A new trend is hiring executives and C-levels on a part-time/temp basis.

The advantages are (1) capital efficiency and more so (2) having the talent onlywhen you need it.

Go ahead and use our startup idea:
‘Uber for temp executives.’

You heard it here first 😉

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