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Tuesday Digestif: Weekly Perengo Newsletter on Labor Policy & HR Management

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  • An account of how to win in the steel industry
  • Overtime lawsuits in 2016: HR managers beware
  • 2016: Tech at the workplace

Culture Eats Strategy

Steel manufacturing company Nucor is an absolute outlier in the production industry – it is worthwhile studying it.

Core pillars that emerged during Ken Iverson’s leadership:

  • Extreme decentralization – only 22 people at the headquarters in a $4 billion business + all production facilities operate as ‘separate businesses’ with full autonomy.
  • Simple and precise strategy‘Our competitive strategy is to build manufacturing facilities economically, and to operate them efficiently.’
  • Remove unnecessary hierarchy – Nucor only had 4 promotion levels:(1) Supervisor, (2) Department Manager, (3) General Manager, and (4)Chairman [Iverson himself]

Read the full article here.

Culture eats strategy: Nucor's Ken Iverson on building a different kind of company.
Culture eats strategy: Nucor’s Ken Iverson on building a different kind of company.

This Week’s Finest

2016: expect overtime lawsuits (url) – In July the Department of Labor is set to increase the ceiling for annual overtime pay from $23,660 to $50,440.

Combined with minimum wage hikes and new employee type classificationsthis could create ‘the perfect storm’.

Hire for the future of your business (url) – your rockstars of the past is not always the right talent for future challenges. Hire accordingly.

Worth Reading – Tech At the Workplace

2016: and HR systems are still not fully integrated (url) – Jessica Lee’s take on the current state of corporate HR tech environments.

Bottomline: figure out the full scope of your needs and then fight for it with HR tech vendors.

12 apps you’ll see more often in a ‘2016 office’ (url) – We use Slack and Lucidchart.

  • Automation: Zapier; Greenhouse; BambooHR
  • Collaboration: Wrike; Lucid Chart; Tableau
  • Communication: Slack; SendGrid
  • Education: Lynda.com
  • Security: Envoy; Mimecast; PagerDuty

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