Tuesday Digestif (51/2015): What If the Government Pays You $10,000 a Year? 😮

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we talk about (1) the Finish basic income experiment, (2) unions for on-demand workers and (3) how to rock negotiations with people from other cultures.

Cover Story

Starting in 2017 Finland is running a 2-year experiment on basic income.

There are 4 options to be evaluated/considered:

  1. Full basic income (replacing most means-based benefits) – around 1,000 euros/month
  2. Partial basic income (while preserving many benefits) – around 550 euros/month
  3. Negative income tax – capped (50%)/phased-out alternatives, where a household without income would get 10,000 euros/year and a household with and income of 10,000 euros/year would get 5,000 euros/year; etc.
  4. Miscellaneous other approaches – e.g. merge of existing benefits

The Finish experiment is remarkable because it (a) tries many different options and (b) also considers a large and diverse sample for the trial.

Read the full story here.

inland's hugely exciting experiment in basic income, explained
inland’s hugely exciting experiment in basic income, explained

This Week’s Finest

Unions for On-Demand Workers? (url) – Seattle is taking a step in this direction.

The city plans to give freelance, on-demand drivers the right to unionize. Such a ruling could have rippling effects on other states.

Amazon Hiring 100,000+ Seasonal Workers (url) – In order to grow their Q4 revenue by 23%, Amazon needs to double its warehouse headcount via temps.

This measure saves Amazon millions of tax dollars but also seems to ‘institutionalize’ a class of temp workers which already account for 2.1% of the U.S. labor force.

Worth Reading – Negotiation Issue:

Getting to ‘Yes’ Across Cultures (url) – Negotiating with counterparts from other cultures can be tough and confusing.

Harvard Business Review put together a short but comprehensive matrix of where certain countries fall on the scale of (a) expressiveness and (b)confrontation.

Mobile Recruiting on the Rise (url) – The screen in your pocket is slowly but steadily developing into the primary recruitment channel for businesses and applicants alike.

The main benefit is the quick turn around time and the immediate response that a candidate can give to a job offer/ad.

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