Evolution of Perengo DSP: The Programmatic Recruitment Platform

Evolution of Perengo DSP: The Programmatic Recruitment Platform

As the talent war heats up, companies face unprecedented challenges in recruitment. Growing businesses are realizing it’s no longer possible to rely on traditional hiring methods alone if they want to acquire talent. Too many important positions remain unfilled – and for too long. Ultimately, that results in a loss in productivity and revenue.

We’ve spent the last three years diving into this complex issue, striving to help companies think outside the box and execute new strategies for recruitment. The result of our ongoing efforts is the launch of the Perengo DSP – a demand-side platform that automates, analyzes and optimizes the recruitment advertising and campaign process through proven adtech techniques.

Before we dive into what we’re doing now and how it’s currently transforming the way companies approach candidate sourcing, let’s take a quick look at how we got here.

The Backstory: Perengo’s Early Days

It all began with a group of four founding team members with two things in common: an entrepreneurial drive, and a background in adtech. We looked for a real problem to solve and quickly found it in the labor market. Our adtech track records were well suited for tackling challenges related to supply/demand matching – something that should have been consistently evolving in the labor market.

The problem was that it wasn’t evolving at all. Labor demand was high, with plenty of new job openings daily and a host of others that remained unfilled for months. The labor supply was also high, with many people actively looking for jobs. The issue wasn’t in the availability, but in the matching. That was when we had our first spark of ideas.

Back to the Roots: A Focus on our Core Competencies

Armed with knowledge about the market and what we wanted to achieve, we began building the first set of automation tools. The resulting automated job distribution engine provided value for employers from day one. We decided to take this idea and run with it, building off our core competencies in adtech automation and applying it to recruitment.

This concept soon came to fruition as programmatic recruitment. We felt it was an evolved way for employers to hire across industries, ranging from healthcare, retail, logistics/trucking and on-demand services. Programmatic recruitment fit squarely into our thesis, which identifies a logical evolution of job advertising:

Help wanted’ signs → Newspaper classifieds → Online job boards → job ad aggregators → Programmatic Recruitment

Our solution focused on the demand side of the matching equation, helping businesses transform the way they recruit talent. We built our product to address the common challenges recruiters face, including:


When there are simply not enough applicants for open positions, employers waste resources on dead-end recruitment campaigns. This is a particularly widespread issue in “open requisitions” situations (e.g. a company that requires on-demand drivers). The issue lies in reaching applicant audiences at scale. The Perengo platform solves this by understanding job seekers and targeting them across all touchpoints when they might be looking for a job.   


Receiving 100 job applications might sound promising to a recruiter, but more often than not, a good portion of applications received won’t be in the ballpark of a good match. Recruiters care about the quality of job applicants. Perengo allows employers to easily pool data from applicant funnels to better target quality candidates.


Recruiters often spend hours on mundane tasks, despite having skill sets geared toward either human-to-human interaction or creative marketing strategy. Automation of repetitive and administrative recruitment tasks – such as managing the job ad workflow – frees up time for recruiters to do what they do best. Perengo’s technology takes away the headache of recruitment tasks, conveniently aggregating data into one, automated platform.


Although hiring professionals must keep candidate quality and volume in mind, they often have to adhere to specific recruitment budgets. Perengo makes real and ongoing cost calculations so that employers can optimize their processes and get maximum ROI.

Our team built a product that helps employers reach the right candidate at the right time. The platform immediately began filling a niche for our early clients, as we used it internally to manage their campaigns.

Perengo DSP - Day of a Job Seeker [source: own infographic]
Perengo DSP – Day of a Job Seeker [source: own infographic]
This brings us to where we are now.

Taking Programmatic Recruitment to the Next Level

The Perengo team has taken a proven method and transformed it into the next step in recruitment evolution: the Perengo DSP.  

Our product exists through the underlying belief that recruitment should no longer be excluded from revolutionary automation tools and evolutionary marketing techniques. Industries across the board have been transformed by new approaches to marketing, going from manual ad postings, to outsourced ad agency support, and now to automation. Recruitment has yet to be transformed in this way, and that’s where the Perengo DSP comes in. The platform effectively delivers advanced and automated advertisement techniques to the recruitment industry.

More specifically, recruiters can solve multiple recruitment challenges and improve their strategy using one single platform. The Perengo DSP allows recruiters to:

Scale up campaigns. Access Perengo’s extensive network of job board partners and more. Gain additional reach automatically, in a single solution.

Boost efficiency. Spend less time monitoring recruitment channels through the use of programmatic talent sourcing and management.

Optimize recruitment investment. Automatically deploy recruitment budgets in the most effective way, taking into account any given set of parameters or company objectives.

Enrich business insights. Leverage your offline job seeker information and tracking data to integrate it with Perengo DSP campaign metrics.

Achieve business goals. Take advantage of Perengo’s systematic data and analytics features that work to continually optimize recruitment campaigns.

Perengo DSP: A platform that lets you automate your recruitment workflow
Perengo DSP: A platform that lets you automate your recruitment workflow

The Perengo DSP is here. But what comes next?

Companies are not only facing challenges with hiring, but they are also facing opportunity. The Perengo DSP is the first major step in our process of evolving the recruitment industry to match employer demands for hiring.

We believe in the ability of programmatic recruitment to alleviate challenges with identifying and acquiring quality candidates, and our team will continue to develop tools that push the glass ceiling for recruitment marketers.

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Perengo is a programmatic recruitment platform.

High-growth businesses and Fortune 1000 companies use Perengo DSP to solve their recruitment challenges at scale. The platform provides tools for recruitment automation and business intelligence.

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